Florida Policy Makes Going Solar Easy For Homeowners
Congress Extends Solar Incentive Through 2019
With solar on the rise, power companies are fighting an uphill battle so they’re blaming customers who are taking advantage of massive government savings programs. 

Not to mention raising rates on those who haven't already gone solar to make up for the loss in revenue...
They are blaming Federal Rebates that incentivize homeowners to use clean energy by reducing solar power cost to $0 without charging for installations.

Until now, solar panels were less about saving money and more about the environment....

In order to get more people to switch to clean solar energy the Federal government are highly incentivizing homeowners who live in specific zip codes to go solar with $1,000’s of dollars in rebates incentives!

When homeowners visit gocleverenergy.net to see if they qualify, many are shocked to learn that solar panels can be installed on their home with no upfront cost, no down payment, and not exceeding their budget after rebates and solar incentives.

Basically, families can reduce their cost for power with no out of pocket cost, no lien on their property, and the homeowners gets a federal tax break!

You can find out which solar incentives are offered in your area by using your zip code. You can even use this tool to help calculate your savings by entering your utility provider and your average power bill.
How do Solar programs work?
To go solar, you no longer have to lease solar panels outright.

Instead this new program lets you get solar panels installed for $0 down. 

Until now, solar panels cost tens of thousands of dollars upfront to purchase and install, and unless you were building a new home or had that much extra cash sitting around, the cost was more than the benefit. 

It was almost impossible for solar companies to offer solar panels systems to middle class homeowners because they would lose money.
Quick Summary: Homeowners are using a zero down solar program to save up to 99% on their monthly energy cost by going solar. 

There's absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify. Click here to see if you qualify
But now the pricing for solar panels has lowered drastically in the last 20 years, making solar power affordable for homeowners who could not previously afford to switch. 

Either way, one thing you can be sure of is that your power company is not going to suddenly call you up to inform you of this new program, because switching to solar will cut into their profits.

NOTE: You are not locked into your power company's policy.

With savings on monthly energy costs, online services that help you go solar are gaining massive popularity. 

Clever Energy is one of the most trusted, secure, and effective online solar services, and provides homeowners with the best local rates for free. 
Q: How Do I See If I Qualify?
Benefits of Solar
• 99% of your energy generated from solar
• Lower radiation inside the house
• No fossil fuels consumption
• Always have energy “energy independent”
• Increase roof durability
• Free energy for the next billions of years
• It looks great !
Cost of Solar
• Monthly savings compared with electric companies 
• Always the same monthly bill (Fixed Bill) • Increase home property value 5-10% average
• 30% Federal Tax Credit
• No down payment
• No exceeding your budget
• Change an expense into an investment
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